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the hour. To the novice there
is something rather disturbing in Atorvastatin Canada
the knowledge that to get a fair
shot at an elephant in these heavy
jungles he must make his stealthy
way to within a few paces, and
considering how little obstruction
bush and undergrowth, impene-
trable to humans, present to an
elephant, tlie need for placing
bullets carefully is obvious. A
wounded elephant is a foe to be
dealt with cautiously, as witness
one of Mr. Thorn's adventures.
He had wounded 4the leading
tusker of a file of five ; the
wounded beast crashed straight
on into dense cover, while the
remaining four wheeled at the
report and charged. The author
killed one of these, whereupon
the other three made off and left
him at liberty to look after the
first, which was evidently hard
hit as it remained in the dense
cane brake where it had first
taken refuge. The jungle being
too dense to enter safely, Mr.
Thom threw a few stones Atorvastatin Calcium Generic into
the patch, whereupon the elephant
charged him and his tracker im-
mediately, tearing through the
cane brake and pulling up not ten
paces away. A shot in the head
sent him back into cover, whither Atorvastatin Fenofibrate
Mr. Thom followed, to be charged
again; he followed the beast up
once more and yet again, before
he could put in another shot, the
elephant charged. "As before
we had just time to step out of the
way, one on either side. Instead
of passing us he stood between us,
in an undecided manner, at a dis-
tance of about fifteen paces; I
immediately covered his left temple
which was exposed, and fired, the
bullet taking eifect in the brain and
bring:ing him to the ground with
a dull thud."
Mr. Thom is no advocate for
the small-bore rifie on such game
as elephants, rhinoceros and bison
under the conditions of sport pre-
vailing Atorvastatin Calcium Tablets in Burma — heavy Rosuvastatin Vs Atorvastatin jungle
where the advantage is all on
the side of the powerful quarry.
Kirby, Von Hohnel and others
have used the "303 with good
results in Africa ; but there is all
the difference in the world between
long-range shooting on open
ground and shooting at such peri-
lously close quarters as the dense
jungle compels. Mr. Thom pins
his faith to the double 4 or 8
bore, and we heartily agree with
him ; few men, however, have
the physical strength to carry the
larger weapon, but one of average
muscularity can use the 8 bore,
which is powerful enough to floor
any game.
Mr. Thom, to whose share of
the work as dealing with fresh
ground we have practically con-
fined our attention, tells his story
straightforwardly, without at-
tempts at dramatic description or
straining after effect. He has
rather a weakness for introducing
the Burmese observations of his
followers with parenthetical Atorvastatin Online trans-
lations, but this may well be for-
given him. Less pardonable Atorvastatin Generic Availability are
his colleague's frequently inter-
jected comments in the text and
in footnotes. Mr. Thom is per-
fectly capable Atorvastatin Trials of telling his own
story ; and to have one's attention
switched off the narrative to read
at the foot of the page, " I quite
agree, F. T. P.," is irritating.
The book is liberally illustrated
from photographs, always well
chosen and generally well repro-
duced. By the courtesy of the
publishers we are permitted Atorvastatin Spc to
give here two representative
Welsh Blood.
Dear " Baily,"— With a slight
acquaintance with your most esti-
mable correspondent " Borderer,"
and with a most profound respect
for his qualities as a sportsman, I
may possibly be permitted to hold
different views as regards the
merits of Welsh and English fox-
hounds. '* Borderer,*' in his
article on " Hunting Sounds" in
your current Atorvastatin Calcium 10 Mg number, is still harp-
mg Atorvastatin Tablets Ip 10 Mg on Sandoz Atorvastatin the old string, and trying
to induce us masters of hounds
to Atorvastatin And Fenofibrate introduce the Welsh strain into
our kennels. Now, some of us
think we can do without it ; we
find that we can show a certain
amount of sport even in provincial
countries, and we manage to kill
enough foxes to satisfy the covert
owners and others who are in-
terested in fox preservation.
We don't lose our hounds, as
some of our Welsh friends would
have it believed, and by pay-
ing attention to business we can
manage to know what hounds are
doing even Atorvastatin Ppt on a windy day, and
in large woodlands. There may
be some silent huntsmen, and it
is an absolutely indisputable fact
that a silent huntsman docs make
silent hounds, but the rest of us
who are content to catch fairly
what foxes we can, and who firmly
believe that it is a '' disgrace to
a huntsman to chop a fox," pro-
bably make quite as much noise
as is good for sport, and Atorvastatin Brand Names if we do
discourage the members of our
field from assisting personally in the
chorus of hunting sounds, it is pos-
sibly because we think that if we
get our hounds* heads up we shan't
get them down again in a hurry.
The Welsh hound possesses
one characteristic which with a
noisy and uncontrollable field
would be a real blessing, and that
is, that if he once puts his nose
down, there it stops, and no
amount of halloaing will induce
him to leave the line.
No amount of halloaing on my
part will, I know, bring "Bor-
derer" up on better terms with
his fox. He is hunting a line and
he has hunted it for many a long
year, and we Discount Atorvastatin all trust that he will
continue to do so for many a year
to come. It is the line of an up-
right sportsman's life and an ex-
ample to many a young ** Cuta-
dash" Atorvastatin Pharmacokinetics who flashes like Atorvastatin Ca a meteor
over Leicestershire for two sea-
sons, and then relapses into an
automobile^ croquet-bridge^ Teva Atorvastatin and cigar-
ette sort of existence.
(A Reply to " Borderer^)
He's the " Best of the Entry," he's never looked hack
From the day when he fed with the rest of the pack,
His name was as good as we've got in " the book," Atorvastatin Vs Rosuvastatin
And his sire was bred both to hunt and to " look."
And we hope necks and shoulders may e'er be our boast
To get up and down hill, so I'll give you the toast,
" The Best of the Entry."
When I said, " Eleu in there," he looked at me once.
As if to say ** Do you take me for a dunce ?
My father is pals with ' John Isaacs ' and ' Muntz,'
And my aunts and my uncles they all of 'em hunts ;
And I hope and believe that some day you will boast
That when once 1 have spoken your fox is * on toast.' "

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